I met her the other day. She was walking down the road lifting her sari in one hand. She saw me and waved, I ran to her to talk.

Dharmi had been my maid for 2 years. She had 5 children, 3 boys, 2 girls. She lived in Kopra and started her day at 5:30 am. She had a native place far from here but came here in search of jobs. In the morning she would work till 4 pm at different houses and then go to the grocer’s market to sell her wares. It was admirable, the way she managed these jobs. One thing I loved about her was her punctuality. Everyday she came at exactly 8:30 in the morning, my family said that we could set our clocks according to her arrival! 6 months back she left us due to a incident that occurred in out building.

Dharmi was accused of stealing a gold chain at one of the houses in my society. She was called upon by our secretary and after an elaborate questioning session taken away by the police. She was banned from entering society premises, inadvertently losing all her jobs.

When asked about the incident she said that she still claims that she hadn’t stolen the chain, but was branded a thief anyway by that family. They were rude to her all the time.

Currently she has started working in another society and maintains her job at the grocer’s market. All is well in her life again, thanks to God, she relays.



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