Galbatorix – The Oppressor

It has been more than a century. The rule of Galbatorix is still prevalent. The story of a man whom destiny chose to be a Dragon Rider. An excellent swordsman and a powerful spell-caster, he rose ranks to lead the battle that changed his life.

With his dragon dead, a mentally unstable Galbatorix , tormented by the loss of his beloved, went to achieve the impossible, get another dragon. Refused one by the Council of Dragons, he traveled all over the world to learn Forbidden Magic in order to create the first magically brewn dragon Shruiken. He created the Forsworn, 13 riders, who broke the oath and together they massacred all the dragon riders of Urugul.

Today his realm is stuck in time due to it’s mad oppressor.


– an article created by conducting a mock character interview.

credits: The Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini.


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