Remember the Estranged

A new day, a new beginning. Goldcrest High was the elite university that all aimed to enroll in. A once in a lifetime dream, a chance to finally get over the betrayal that happened 6 years ago.

Girls with impeccable dresses and boys with coats and polished shoes, hustled, with their noses in the air.

I entered the hallway, and that’s when I met her. She was different from them all. A face so innocent but determined none the less. I smoothed my skirt, ran my fingers through my hair and moved towards her. I repeated in my head, everything I was going to say, a hundred times so I don’t look like a fool. It was then when she noticed me and smiled. I knew it was a start to a great journey.

What happened later was something that I could never expect. It had been 1 year since I and Delilah were friends and today I was going to meet her parents. ” Hello, I am Charlotte, nice to meet you,” said I. Her mother shook my hand . ” Hey Charlotte, that’s my dad, hey daddy, see that’s the girl I’ve been talking about,” said Delilah.

My world shattered! While Delilah kept saying something, I couldn’t hear. The man I have loved all my life, the man who left me due to societal pressures, the man who ruined other men for me is in front of me. ” Hello Mr. Shaw, I’m Charlotte,” was all I said.


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