Tell me, now!

” I need to know what happened Alice.”

” Are you sure you’re ready to hear it?”

” For God’s sake Alice! You need need to tell me, there’s a gun at my head!”

” What you’re asking of me is worth more than one life.”

” We both know too many people are already dead. I don’t care if i sound selfish. You have to tell me, the location depends on it.”

” True, but if I reveal the location, millions of lives will be instantly threatened. They are listening to us.”

” Damn it you idiot! Everything is already at stake. If you don’t tell me, the fulfillment of the prophecy will die with me. It’s better to know what Jake said, or else the riddle will never unravel.”

” The answer lies in the riddle itself. The riddle itself will answer you. You’re the prophesied one. Jake’s premonition was the only signal. ”

” What the hell are you talking about!? Oh God! Wait a second… This means that the chant in my dreams is the key!”



– dialogue writing between me and Indrashish Mitra.



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